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Clumsy ninja hack & cheat|Unlimited coins and gems|No jailbreak

clumsy ninja hack

What is clumsy ninja

Clumsy ninja is a new game only available on ios which was released on the app store on the recently and is developed by natural motion. the aim of the game is to find your friend which has gone missing and also you will need to  train your ‘clumsy ninja’ with items such as a punch bag and trampoline. at the moment there are 99 levels and will need to finish tasks to complete them. The game has two currency’s which are coins and gems, they are used to buy to buy items in your ninja tool kit furthermore you will need to use gems to repair any damaged items. but these currency’s are sparse and you will need to buy them in order to be successful in the game which can also be costly such as £21 ($35) for 1200 gems.

About clumsy ninja hack

I have coded a the clumsy ninja hack which can give you the amount of gems and coins you desire. i have been using this hack for the past week and haven’t faced any problems so far so that why i decided to release the clumsy ninja hack to the public. but if you get any problems you can contact us using the contact us page on our website which is here . the clumsy ninja hack is very light weight because most of the processing is done using our servers which cost us money so that’s why we ask you to fill in a survey before the download. The statistics from my beta testers are 98% success rate which is very good so if you don’t get it the first time you will most likely get it the second time. This hack is very to use all you have to do is connect your ios device, enter how may gems and coins you want then press start and our hack is clean which means it has no viruses and below is a virus total scan.

Virus scan

Download clumsy ninja hack

Just share this page below and then the download button will appear. click on the download button and fill in a short survey then you will get the file.


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